What Is Webtalk And Why You Should Join Today

Webtalk is a NEW social platform in BETA. It is growing fast, new members joining daily.

It is going to be the new facebook only this platform will be paying five levels deep.

If you are anything like me you use both paid ads and free advertising. I have used facebook paid ads on a number of occasions and I also post on my newsfeed and in advertising groups there. Of late I am not only finding I am being placed in facebook jail, but my free advertising is constantly being marked as spam. Not only THAT! even my NON advertsing posts are also being marked as spam!

One night I was enjoying watching some live video, yes I will let you into one of my interests here. I was watching a paranormal investigation team on live video which they were streaming to facebook. Facebook like this and I was enjoying it so much I decided to share it to my timeline, just in case there were other people who also like this subject and the paranormal team might end up with more viewers.

Anyhow, within a few minutes I was getting notifications left, right and centre from facebook informing me nicely they were marking my posts as spam! Yes you have guessed it, even the live stream video I shared!

Since then I have been searching for another, similar social media platform. I had no real luck here until I saw a friends advert about Webtalk. I quickly looked into it and joined almost immediately. What I liked is the fact it is very similar to facebook in the layout. It is more basic but I am guessing over time they will be adding new features. What I also like was the fact they are going to be paying five levels deep, yes they will be rewarding you for using it.

I love it! It is clean and simple to use, also familiar. Feeling wise, I feel facebook has now got itself some REAL competition, oops! This is a good thing. I don’t want to pan facebook as it has been a great place to be part of and I know I will still use it. But it is good it has some competition. There is nothing worse than one person or place or platform to be ruling the roost. This is when they feel they can do whatever they want. Yes it is their baby, their business, to do whatever they like with, but it is the people like us who have built it to where it is today. Without us there would not be a facebook because it would have fallen flat on its face a long time ago.

Enough said about that platform.

As we know times change and I feel social media is changing. New platforms being introduced all the time. Some stay, some come and go. I think webtalk could be here to stay.

Watch the video below and if after watching it you feel the same, what not join for FREE and give it a road test. I am sure you will love it as much as I do and will want to stay. Join today and connect with me over there. I am hoping to see you on the other side.


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