Webtalk New Platform Review

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Webtalk is a New Platform for friends, family and business. We are all familiar with a similar platform most of us use daily. So this is a great platform for us to work from. It is free to join but they are introducing some paid membership options plus paid advertising.

This is good, very good for members as it pays you five levels deep. Yes it rewards you for being a member. You can create separate lists so family members are not viewing all your professional posts unless of course, you want them to see them.

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You can post, private message, add contacts and much more. A great way to build on your network. As of today the membership level is 60,000 and is growing by the hour right before your eyes.

Time to start building and connecting again to help your business grow. We all need more places to advertise and what is even better is a place to advertise and actually earn from as well.

As the slogan says “Goodbye Social Media. Hello Webtalk.

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