I’m Stephanie (Sunday name) everyone calls me Steph. I go by go4bitcoin and crowseeker normally. But the kids call me grumpy and grumpy granny seems to have stuck hence grumpygranny4biz.

I am a mum of two grown up boys, two beautiful grandchildren, Holly my pooch and Yancy the cat. Originally from Manchester UK and now living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. A beautiful place for the UK, Close to the beach and countryside on my doorstep.

I was having a good old think about how long I have been working online. It was around 2007 when I opened my first online shop selling spiritual items. In 2010 I started an online incense shop which I closed earlier this year, 2018. For the past two years I have been learning all about internet marketing.

I have made a lot of mistakes along the way but hopefully I have learnt from them and wont repeat them. I am involved in a few online programs with a great team of people, mainly working with bitcoin. Along the way I got interested in learning about affiliate marketing and flipping domains.

Over the years my work is pulling me more over to affiliate marketing, flipping domains and creating my own products. I will be reviewing products as honestly as I can. Hopefully I wont be too grumpy.

All the best