30 Day Challenge – Making money online

I am part of a facebook group called The Early Birds. It is a group that works together on teambuilds to make money online. There are lots of help and advice there and I highly recommend joining. The only thing they ask that you are a team player and will work at promoting and you don’t expect everyone else to do the work for you.

The owner is Jim Watts and recently he did a facebook live saying if you work it you will make money online. He set a 30 day challenge to go with the facebook live video. Here is a link to the group The Early Birds.

Well, Steph loves a challenge and decided to join in. I chose alladswork for my challenge but I have also been updating on WebTalk as well. I started just showing my results everyday with my links. But that wasn’t enough for me. I really do feel uncomfortable doing video’s. I really, really want to do them and I got brave and even though I do not like my voice I am talking on my video’s. I do want to go on camera as well. Strange thing is I do go on camera for zoom meetings, I am quite comfortable with this now even when I know they are plastered all over the place, facebook, youtube, instagram and google plus. Yet I still can not do a video of my own with my face on it.

So I changed the way I am reporting my results. I am now doing my results on video as part of my challenge. As you will find in the next few days my 30 day challenge starts on day 8. The previous days were just posts with screenshots.

So now my 30 day challenge has turned into make money online results, alladswork, WebTalk and video everyday, including putting my face on camera before the 30 days are over and done with.

So each day I am posting a video on youtube and pasting it all over. I will also be posting the video’s on grumpy granny as well.

I am not going into the details of the 30 day challenge but HERE is a link to the live video for you to watch. Don’t forget to join the group.


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